Saab 105 / SK60

Saab RX

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Motors, esc’s and new Spektrum AR7610 assembled in the test stand while waiting for the batteries to charge before a test run. Adjusted the second throttle to run on AUX2 or channel 7. This will allow fine tuning / balancing between left and right throttle.


Spektrum telemetry adapter cables

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To make the Spektrum telemetry quick and easy to install and use on any of my models I have created a set of adapter cables. For the battery voltage the battery balance plug is used. I use JST connected as a universal standard for all of my batteries. Since the smaller models are usually 3S […]

Ju 52/3

Junkers JU52/3 electronics test

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I connected up the electronics today and gave them a quick test: Spektrum AR6400 Spektrum AS2000 x2 (may only need one, not sure how the linkages will work yet) Blue Arrow PP-10C ESC Hyperon CX 3S 240mAh LiPo Parkzone Sukhoi Motor / Gearbox x3 GWS 3×3 x3 [yt][/yt]