Saab 105 / SK60

Twin 50mm EDF wemotec / wicked rc test run

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After completing the dynamic balancing on both fans using an old iPhone 3G with Vibration and following a very handy guide on RCGroups I’ve done a test run using the new packs (65C 2250mah – 146.2 amps continuous)  with both motors running a mix of full throttle and half throttle: [yt][/yt] Before dynamic balancing (on […]

F/A-18 Hornet 50mm

F/A-18 50mm EDF Maiden Flight

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Maiden flew the F18 today, that was a bit nerve racking having not flow a plan like that before. Went really well flew a number circuits and landed. Went up with a second battery, 800Mah 25C BRChobbies, using a bit of lead to bring it up to the stock battery weight so the balance point […]