Spitfire (403)

Spitfire Wing Tissue Covering

A bit more progress:

I’ve made the wing removable using a carbon rod at the front into a piece of ply glued to the fuselage. The back is held on with two bolts through a piece of ply in the wing and another piece in the fuselage. There’s a reinforcement piece of ply along the carbon rod on the front of the wing too.

I’ve added an air hole behind the motor where the shaft sits in the mount and also a slit at the bottom to let some air pass over the ESC. I need to make some kind of scoop in the cowling as well.

I’ve also started covering the wing with paper. Glued the paper down with balsa cement and then sprayed some water on. After drying the paper started to tighten up. I’ve also got the first layer of dope on (mixed a bit of oil into it so that it would retain a little flex once dry.

The next layer will be dope mix with talcum powder which will act as a bit of filler. First it I’ll cover the fuselage with paper and do the first layer of dope.

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