Spektrum telemetry adapter cables

To make the Spektrum telemetry quick and easy to install and use on any of my models I have created a set of adapter cables.

For the battery voltage the battery balance plug is used. I use JST connected as a universal standard for all of my batteries. Since the smaller models are usually 3S the main cable from the telemetry module (TM1000 + TM1100) has the 3s plug. To use the voltage cable on the 4S & 5S models adapters were made that go from 3S to the correct size plug / pin arrangement.

On testing it seems as though the telemetry module will supply voltage to the receiver and speed controller. Caution don’t try running the motor without connecting the main battery leads as all of the current will pass through the telemetry module and receiver.

The rpm sensor received a two pin socket on the sensor wires. Then several cables with corresponding plugs were created. ( blue cables in photo below) These will be installed on various models. So to get rpm on any model the sensor can simple be plugged in.  I have an Eagle Tree logger with brushless sensor.  That has also been given the two pin socket so it can be used with the adapters.

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