Red Arrows Hawk

Red Arrows Hawk – Retracts

I squeezed the HS-82 into the aileron bay. The hatch sticks up a little but its not too much. See picture below. I’ve run a quick test and it runs fine from -100% to +100%.

For the flaps I’ve ordered some HS65’s as the HS82’s are too big. I’m sure I’ll have a use for the two spare HS82’s in another project.

Started on the HET retract install. I’ve trimmed some of the metal off the retract mount to make it a little narrower. This lets them fit in front of the flap servo bay. I’ve increased the size of the opening for the retract mount until the retract would fit. All it need is some addition supports to screw the retracts in. I plan to make the supports big enough so they can be glued to the main spar, this should strengthen everything in case of a hard landing.

The servo linkages are only temporary for testing. I am going to use threaded linkages so the flaps and ailerons can easily be mechanically centred.

Also started on the right retract. Below are pictures of the HET install modification.

To cut out the wheel holes I used a compass with a knife blade attached.   The made it very easy to create a neat round hole.



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