Red Arrows Hawk

Red Arrows Hawk – First Flight

It went very well. I start from the end of field to give it as much run up as possible. The crops are quite high at this time of year so I needed to be a good 2.5 meters up at the edge of the field. So flaps down a bit gave it full throttle and aimed for the far corner, about 2/3 of the way across the field it bounced up a little but there wasn’t quite enough speed, then about 3/4 of the way across it picked up. I eased it over the crops and up into the sky.

During the flight I was getting all the trims sorted. It need a fair bit of up trim and tiny little bit of aileron trim.

The sound was great. It was really steady in the air, I set the timer for 3:30 mins so didn’t have long try much. Power was good but it ran out of puff after a bit of vertical. I did a few rolls, gonna back off the dual rates a little so get a bit more movement. Flying inverted requires a fair bit of down input. ( the odd feeling probably comes from flying my Extra around with only minimal to no input required when flying inverted )

The beeper went and it was time to land. I came in pretty quick as I hadn’t had time to see how it handles slow speeds and experiment with flap settings. I set the flaps about about 3/4 (30 ish degrees). I got a nice touch down however with the high speed I went over a bump in the ground which pushed it back into the air.

I had about 40% battery left after 3:45min run time so could set the timer for longer.

Well here’s the video


On to the second ‘flight’.. well not really flight, got everything set-up again, when to edge of the field. Full throttle, about 1/4 of the way across the field I hear a horrible “grurrumpf” sound and cloud of grey smoke our the back of the jet. At first I though the impeller had come lose of something, on the way over to the plane we spot a end of a grey propeller. The impeller is missing two blades and all the others are damaged.
I’m guessing that I must have picked up the scrap grey propeller with the nose wheel and it got sucked in.
The field is really clean, if you were to walk around trying to find stuff you’d struggle; yet somehow I managed to find something.

I need to see if the motor is still ok, but the fan and fan shroud are toast. Gonna have do some research into what upgrade options there are. It was something I was planning to do later in the year, over winter. This has pushed the deadline up a bit which is real pain.…_enemy_fod.jpg


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