Red Arrows Hawk

Red Arrows Hawk – Elevator

Completed my elevator install this weekend, took longer than expect (as per usual )

I ended up going down a slightly different path for solving the elevator slip issue. I decided to cut a thread into the aluminium rod.

This was done by drilling a hole the correct size for the m3 thread using a lathe. The hole is a little less than half way into the rod. (don’t want to weaken it too much)

Since I only have standard drill taps I had to make a plug tap ( or Bottoming tap). I simply used a dremel to cut a standard 3mm steal bolt. It was more than strong enough to cut the thread into the aluminium.

Had to round the head of the screw ( a new one not the home made tap ) to get it to fit inside the fuselage.

With the bolt properly tightened there is in no play and it feels very solid. The hope is that by having no air either side of the bolt that goes into the aluminium rod there is no where for it to rotate to and should stay in place. I used plenty of lock-tight to guard against vibration loosening the bolt.


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