Red Arrows Hawk

Red Arrows Hawk – Order Placed

After spending a long time reading the at the time 250 page Sapac T-45 Goshawk thread on the rcgroups forum I decided to go ahead order a hawk. I went with the Red Arrows theme.

I’ve also ordered:
– HET retracts
– HS-82MG (ailerons & flaps)
– HS-225MG (nose wheel & rudder – sharing the same servo as someone has previously done)
– HS-85MG (elevator)
– HS-65HB (retract valve)
– HM ‘Professional’ 80A ESC
– Castle Creations 10A UBEC
– 4000mah 4s

4 cell seems to be a good size for the stock motor and fan based on what I’ve read. I figure that I can upgrade in the future if I want more performance.

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