Parkzone Ultra-Micro Mustang Brushless Rebuild


I’m pretty much a beginner although I did try flying a few times many years ago (about 16 I think) and I spent quite some time practising in Realflight.

Naturally I bent up the original fuselage and tail a bit, did a number of repairs on the tail which seems to be the weakest spot of the original.

Decided to rebuild the plane and add a brushless setup to it – mainly to make it more efficient and add a little more power.

I bought new foam bits for the rebuild which I strengthened with carbon rod on the weaker spots that I had found during my early flights with the BNF one.

I used an AP05 motor, XP-3A ESC, GWS 5×3 prop, a prop saver mount and a piece of carbon fibre to mount the motor:

Servo horn mount glued in

Linkages taped down

Wing glued down

Cutting ruts for carbon re-enforcements – these will help keep the fuselage straight on a harder nose first landing

Carbon glued in

With extra tape hinges adding – the hinges can come apart on harder impact.

Hole cut for carbon

Carbon rod glued in – this is a very good mod as the tail is very fragile

Servo glued in and tested – have since put it on the more aggressive setting but the servo throw needs to be limiting or the servo and lock up.

Wing glued on

Elevator glued and re-enforced with a thin carbon rod. I added extra tape hinges.

Tail glued in, the carbon goes right down in the fuselage

AR6400 glued in and ESC trial fitted

The motor mount is a piece of 1.5mm carbon fibre cut to shape and air holes added (to aid in cooling the internal electronics)

Prop & prop saver test fit

The spinner need quite a but of hacking up to fit

Tail re-enforcements

Had a little oopsy with some solvent on this side so I’ve replaced the missing bit with a chunk of the old fuselage

The gap here is a bit bigger than I would have liked but its OK.


Flown it about 15 times since the rebuild and it’s much improved – stability and power.

I’m using the bigger 150mah batteries and a DX6i with some expo set on the ailerons and elevator. It does seem a bit zippyer with the smaller 120mah batteries due to the weight saving.

It just needs stickers now to finish it off.

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