Red Arrows Hawk – Tail servo replacement & progress

Rather annoyingly the tail servo decided to break. Of all the servos this is the hardest to replace as its glued into the tail.

Had a look at getting it out from underneath. I just can’t get my fingers far enough in there. So moved to plan B, remove the rudder. Had it out in no time. I just need to make a new spar to mount the rudder to again. This will make it much easier to install a new servo as well.

Also created custom wing fences and rear fins as these were not part of the kit.

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Red Arrows Hawk – Battery tray

After test assembling the plane with everything in about the right place. I found that the CG was a little in front of where it is meant to be. Without adding weight to the back there would be no way to balance the model and make easy adjustments. So I decided mount the battery over the wing, so made a battery tray.

I am currently replacing spar that goes about the new battery tray to reinforce the fuselage.

The retract value was integrated into the battery tray.

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MX2 Build Firewall

Old baffle on the left, new one on the right:

Back of the new baffle and the two parts of the old:

Battery hatch latch:

Hatch from the other side:

New baffle test fit:

The latch hooks in here:

Hatch on, nice tight fit:

After gluing in the baffle and adding the extra foam outline piece with more epoxy I bolted the motor in. Unfortunately the screws that came with the mount snapped off. This mean drilling them out. The end solution is much better anyway using bolts and lock nuts to hold the motor in.

It pulls very nicely indeed! And is surprisingly quiet with the Graupner G-Sonic prop (balanced). A quick test with the watt meter showed that it pulls 36amps at full throttle with the 12×6 prop.

Next job is to sort out the undercarriage.

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MX2 Build

This is the ST Model MXS Aircraft MX2 (V2) foamy ARTF. The stock ESC is not beefy enough so have decided to replace it and the motor. The new motor is a E-MAX BL2815-09 920Kv and the ESC a 40amp Himodels.

I’ve been working on the battery tray, there’s loads of room to move the battery backwards so I’m hoping I won’t need any weight on the back to get the CG in the right place :)

I only needs a new baffle because the mounting locations of the new motor go right over some of the stock air holes.

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Red Arrows Hawk – Elevator

Completed my elevator install this weekend, took longer than expect (as per usual )

I ended up going down a slightly different path for solving the elevator slip issue. I decided to cut a thread into the aluminium rod.

This was done by drilling a hole the correct size for the m3 thread using a lathe. The hole is a little less than half way into the rod. (don’t want to weaken it too much)

Since I only have standard drill taps I had to make a plug tap ( or Bottoming tap). I simply used a dremel to cut a standard 3mm steal bolt. It was more than strong enough to cut the thread into the aluminium.

Had to round the head of the screw ( a new one not the home made tap ) to get it to fit inside the fuselage.

With the bolt properly tightened there is in no play and it feels very solid. The hope is that by having no air either side of the bolt that goes into the aluminium rod there is no where for it to rotate to and should stay in place. I used plenty of lock-tight to guard against vibration loosening the bolt.


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