Red Arrows Hawk – Final Touches

Over the last few days I’ve finished everything of and finished the canopy today.

CG has come in between 75mm & 80mm with out any extra weight in the back. The battery is right at the back of the battery tray so I can’t go further back without adding weight, so its very close even when moving the battery back. It would probably be easier without retracts as there would much less weight at the front of the plane.

Only thing I need to do now is decide on a serial number for the plane. O yeah and a maiden flight

I chopped of a large amount of the body to get it to fit. I also painted the helmets white and added the red arrow (same as red arrows pilots). I also went over the details and cleaned them up, from the eyes to silver buttons. I also added some shading to the suite and the vents on the mask. Was quite fun to do some painting again, its been a lot of years since I last painted a Warhammer models. Even used the old citadel paint, only a couple had dried out.

edit: here is a close up of the front pilot (the back one has green eyes so he doesn’t look like a twin).

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Spitfire Complete Wing

I’ve got a complete wing now, I’ve used a piece of carbon fibre as the main spar instead of the stuff that came with the kit. Its lighter and stronger.

The CG looks fine, even with just the battery in the nose, so once there’s more weight at the back I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue.

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Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26 2 cell brushless conversion

Finished this up last night took it for a fly today – what a difference to stock!

It’s bordering on insane with a 4530 prop and just very fast with a 5030 🙂 I’m very impressed. I need to recess the battery now I have the balance point right.

It’s running an AP05, XP-7A ESC and 240mah 2 cell Hyperon batteries.

Here are some pics:

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