Red Arrows Hawk – Back in the air 5S flight

Success! back in the air after a pretty long time of being grounded. I got some 5S 4000 mah batteries and now it can easily get off the ground ( from grass ). With a bigger nose wheel it does do it on 4s but its very borderline.

It flys great on both 4 & 5s but takesoffs are far too hairy on 4s.

On 5s it pulls 75amps, thats with the stock Sapac motor + housing but with a Wemotec rotor. ( I had trouble getting a replacement rotor in the UK after some FOD issues ) The rotor & motor were dynamically balanced so it runs really smooth.

A bit after half way through the video where the jet is rolling up to the camera.  The nose strut is the original non dampened version.  You can see how much it bounces.  That strut will no longer be used.


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Red Arrows Hawk – New Struts

Installed new landing gear that have springs built in. Look great.

Went out for a test of the new gear. They do a great job of absorbing the bumps in the grass. I just dont have enough power. Couldn’t get in the air The nose wheel is a bit smaller than it was before so is probably creating more resistance.

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Red Arrows Hawk – Return to flight

Finally got back in the air again after the FOD incident on the second flight.
I installed a Wemotec rotor into the original fan housing. I was planning to use the whole Wemotec fan unit however it would have needed modifying to fit the Sapac motor. In case I want to upgrade the power system in the future I have the housing ready to use.

After dynamically balancing the motor and new fan it works very well. Has a nice smooth sound. I found a very interesting method using a phone with an accelerometer & a spread sheet program.
Here is the link on how to do this:

It a tricky one to keep in frame


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