35mm Red Arrows Hawk

The 35mm Hawk has been made ready to fly.  The electronic speed controller (esc) was upgraded from a 6amp 2s to a 10amp 3s.  The initial plan is to fly the model on 2s batteries but should the performance be underwhelming it will simply be a case of using a different battery.

Rather than trying to change the plugs & connect the motor on to the new esc it seemed easier just to remove the shrink tuning and re-solder all of the wires.  The receiver wires are quite small which made the work more difficult with a relatively large point on the soldering iron.  With a little patients all of the leads were move from one esc to the other.

The original esc was put back together with the wires from the new one ready for use in a future project.

Patrick suggested removing the Y cable from the ailerons and connecting one side to the rudder input (4) & use the transmitter to mix the aileron in.  This has saved some weight and made the installtion of the receiver easier as there is less cable to tidy away.

Final step was to program the transmitter & trim the model.  All of the linkage screws on the servo horns were given a little lock tight to make sure they don’t slip off from the vibrations.  With the individual aileron servos it was easy to fine tune the movement range on each side so they match perfectly.

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35mm F-86 dual aileron conversion

Made the first steps today converting the F-86 from single to dual aileron. Servos need to be sunk a little deeper into the wing so the air can flow smoothly over the bottom of the wing. The horns need to be swapped to the top, the reason for linking at the top rather than the bottom is to allow a smooth surface for belly landing. Didn’t quite get the servo with the logo face down in the right place first time so have moved it outwards a couple millimetres, with that adjustment the wing is now in balance from left to right.

Standard servo setup Linkage holes in top New twin servo setup in bottom of wing

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Spektrum STI TR1000 iPhone Telemetry

This stuff is awesome, I first played with telemetry a couple years ago when I got a DX3S for my cars, it had basic receiver voltage, rpm and temperature. It didn’t have main power monitoring leaving temperature as the most useful read out on a high strung lipo setup to make sure the motors didn’t get toasted. Sadly the surface system is not compatible with the new air telemetry, only marine receivers will bind with the system.

I have a JR DSX11 transmitter (and previously a Spektrum DX6i) which doesn’t have built in telemetry like the DX8 from Spektrum.

My bench test rig is made up of the DSX11, and RD921 (with data port), a TM1000 and the STI TR1000 with a Hyperon 2 cell hooked up to the voltage sensor.

How to get it running:

  1. First step is to choose the relevant model on the TX and power it down.
  2. Stick the bind plug in the receiver.
  3. Power the RX on with the button held down the TM1000 putting both in bind mode.
  4. Plug the STI into your iPhone and load the spektrum app.
  5. Choose a model and go to its setup screen, push and hold the bind button for a short period.
  6. Now you’ll have the bind light flashing on the iPhone, telemetry module and receiver.
  7. Power up the TX and hold the bind button until all the lights are solid.

Spektrum STI TR1000 iPhone Telemetry screen 1

This screen shows the temperature top left, the flight pack voltage bottom middle and the receiver voltage top right. The signal bar bottom left shows the connection strength between the STI dongle and the telemetry module.

Spektrum STI TR1000 iPhone Telemetry screen stats

The middle screen shows the same info again in summery.

Spektrum STI TR1000 iPhone Telemetry screen flight log

The final screen shows brown outs and connection drops, I tested this using the bind button to put the transmitter low single range check mode, covering the aerial with my hand and turned away from the receiver.

Only issue I’ve notice is if the transmitter and the phone are too close to receiver and telemetry model the connection can drop to the STI, unplugging and replugging the dongle connects it back up again. I tested with the transmitter and phone a couple meters away and the single stayed connected.

This just needs field testing now when the weather gets better! I also need to test the TM1100 as well.

Some pics of the test rig set-up, also tested this with an iPad both iPhone and iPad are on iSO5:


If you’re looking for the setting to change temperature and other readings to C or metric they are under the iOS settings icon, scroll down to find the Spektrum.

iOS Settings button Spektrum STI settings button Spektrum STI settings units and alarm screen

Download the Spektrum STI app from iTunes here:

Spektrum STI Download App

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35mm EDF Hawk and F-86 Sabre

These came in the post today from Hobby King, DVD case shown in the background for size comparison.

The Sabre has the same single servo setup as the 50mm edition so one of the photo’s shows the new servos ordered to install in the wings. There’s a 20p piece to give an idea of size, these things are tiny!

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2 Cell Brushless AR6400 for Parkzone Ultra Micros

This is the setup we’re using in all our Parkzone Micro’s including the Mustang and Sukhoi:

2 Cell Brushless AR6400 setup for Parkzone Micros

The reason for the diode is to bring the ESC output voltage down to a level that the AR6400 can safely handle. The AR6400 is designed for 1 cell operation not two.

We’ve found this setup works well with Hyperon 240mah 2 cells and a GWS 5030 prop.

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