Twin 50mm EDF wemotec / wicked rc test run

After completing the dynamic balancing on both fans using an old iPhone 3G with Vibration and following a very handy guide on RCGroups I’ve done a test run using the new packs (65C 2250mah – 146.2 amps continuous)  with both motors running a mix of full throttle and half throttle:


Before dynamic balancing (on 2200 45C pack):

Running around 65amps / 650watts.
Peaking 70amps / 670 watts.

After balancing (on 2250 65C pack):

Running around 61amps / 630-640watt.
Peaking 63amps / 650watts.

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Zyma ‘alloy shark’ test after repair


A repair project – filled the battery, stuck the stab on and sanded down the broken rotor – its kinda files but you need to hold quite a lot stick to keep it going straightish – not sure is this is a native flight characteristic or as a result of previous damage!

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It’s alive! HPI Vorza Flux HP Mclaren F1

It took some fiddling but my old Kyosho Spider EP McLaren F1 top now sits snugly of my Vorza. Just need to wait for the LIPO’s to charge to see how it works. Might need to chop a bit more for clearance. The goal was too keep it looking like the original while allowing as much suspension and steering movement as needed.

[update] yeahy works well:








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