Junkers JU52/3 Maiden Flight!


First flight is me (I’ve only been flying for a month or so with a Parkzone Mustang & Sukhoi so I was being very careful!). My brother who’s been flying for 17 odd years took over for the second flight.

It has more then enough power, you can fly it 1/2 throttle most of the time. I will tip stall if you go too slow but you can get a realistic looking speed out of it without this happening. Having such a large body it is affected by wind but it’s easy to control.

I did have one oopsy, tried changing the props from 3×3 to 3×2 and it didn’t have enough power, bit of a hard “landing” and the battery came out through the nose. Some glue sorted that out pretty quickly and back to the 3×3 props.

It started getting a little dark after than but there is some video footage. The LED on the AR6400 makes a chunk of it glow.

As long as you don’t go too slow it’s very stable. First two flights only used 64mah in the battery and the second one 90mah. Looks like I could probably fly it for at least 20mins on the 240mah battery.

It’s faster than what I’m used to with the ultra micro parkzones, it certainly feels more substantial but stable.

Now I just need to do some more test flights then add some trim pieces.

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Junkers JU52/3 final assembly

I finished the wiring and the final assembly plus the extra motor mount strengthening. I’ve used thin carbon rods and then some glass fibre underneath. It’s very strong now.

One more vid of the motors in situ and running:


Hopefully the next video will be of a it’s first flight – its too late and too dark now here

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Junkers JU52/3 control surfaces


Rudder linkage – this came out of an old mustang body, just made some new carbon rods, a bit thicker and longer:

Elevator linkage:

AR6400 and AS2000 installed and hooked up:

The battery is in there along with the ESC to see how it balances:

New motor mounts on the wings:

What’s left:

  • Wiring the motors to the else
  • Running the wires internally
  • Changing the battery plug to 2mm gold banana plugs
  • Reinforce the motor mounts
  • Locate the battery
  • Test flight!

Hopefully the weather will remain good this weekend.

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Junkers JU52/3 wing assembly

Done a bit more, built the other wing, attached it to the fuselage, made a 3mm depron tail which looks much more sturdy now.

To give an idea of size I put a CD case next to it:

Holding the wings at the right angle so that the epoxy/glass fibre can set properly

Next job will be control linkages, then motor position and electronics installation. After than it will be test flight. If successful it will get detail pieces. Otherwise back to the drawing boar

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Junkers JU52/3 parts

Some parts:

3 sets of props, battery, AR6400 size connector with wire and some gold battery plugs.

A few more pictures, did more thinking than anything else today as well as a bit of paper nose cone mock up to try and figure out the layout / motor position. Not sure if I’ll be using the gear boxes yet to this is more of a trial run:

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Junkers JU-52/3 canopy

This is the profile I’d like to use on the wing: http://www.caraudioarchive.net/repos…ed-outside.pdf – its clark y. The PDF print 100% shows the actual size. The ailerons would go behind the wing following a similar line to the original JU design. I’ve no idea if that will work but it’s an experiment.

A little bit of progress building the removable canopy – this needs an extra bulk head on the rear piece to keep it in line. I’ll be locating most of the electronics under here. The battery will be movable to with in the area to setup the CG.

I’ve got some bits coming the post so I’ll add some photos when they arrive

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