MX2 Build Firewall

Old baffle on the left, new one on the right:

Back of the new baffle and the two parts of the old:

Battery hatch latch:

Hatch from the other side:

New baffle test fit:

The latch hooks in here:

Hatch on, nice tight fit:

After gluing in the baffle and adding the extra foam outline piece with more epoxy I bolted the motor in. Unfortunately the screws that came with the mount snapped off. This mean drilling them out. The end solution is much better anyway using bolts and lock nuts to hold the motor in.

It pulls very nicely indeed! And is surprisingly quiet with the Graupner G-Sonic prop (balanced). A quick test with the watt meter showed that it pulls 36amps at full throttle with the 12×6 prop.

Next job is to sort out the undercarriage.

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