Ju 52/3

Junkers Ju-52/3 scratch build

I’ve always liked these planes and after much searching found no suitable kits available. Graupner made one about 2 years ago but they’re not available any more. So I’ve decided to try building my own out of depron – I used to build small balsa models, this is my first attempt at foam modelling:

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Ju_52

I got some paper cut out plans from: fiddlersgreen.net – I printed the black and white ones on A3 at 134%.

I will probably use 3 parkzone sukhoi motors (I have access to them already) without gearboxes and 3″ props. I’ve bought a spare Sukhoi as they cost the same amount as an AR6400 receiver on its own at the moment and you get a servo for the price too as well as a motor! I’ll be using an external ESC to run all three brushed motors at once.

Started by making up a rough card version using cereal boxes to get an idea of size, this also gave me an idea of what bits I would need to make it out of depron:

The wing span will be around 78cm.

Here’s the result of the first days work on it:

The area where the wing attaches is quite strong, the area above I’ve left more open for electronics, but with a structure around it.

I intend to make the top half of the front removable so it’s easy to get inside

I pretty much cut out the paper, pritt sticked it to the foam, cut and glued the foam then pulled the paper back off again. The floor is 3mm, sides are 2mm, bulk heads 6mm.

I’ve not yet decided what to do about the wing profile, the scale profile seems to be way to chunky so I may go for something a bit thinner.

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