HPI Vorza with gyro field test (well car park test)

27 years of driving, or as has become the term in recent years ‘bashed’ RC cars and this is the first time I’ve ever hand any kind of driving assistance / aid system installed. Have to say it’s a bit weird. The Vorza is on road tyres in the dry, some gravel.

If you drive it like you’ve always driven kicking the rear out and counter steering then apply a lot of power then you won’t really notice much. However if you turn in put the power on and don’t counter steering the gyro kicks in takes over and automatically counter steers. Once you get past this rather odd feeling it becomes quite interesting as you can ‘hoon’ about like a complete manic even in a confined space – small car park and a Vorza on 6S make once large car parks confined…

I was literally burning rubber with ease, not the sort of smell you expect from and RC car! I think I may need a new set of tyres after only 3 or 4 packs :o)

Reprogrammed the AUX channel on the DX3S using the “Travel” option, set the L 0% the result being with the switch in the down position the gyro is off. I’ve set H to 150% which turns the rates gyro setting to maximum (setting between 100 and 150 varies the effect of the gyro). Now I can choose to drive with or without the gyro at the flick of switch.

Overall an interesting toy, but somehow the gyro takes some of the fun out of dancing on the edge of grip!

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