2 thoughts on “Align T-Rex 450 Sport Maiden Flight!

  1. Thanks for the link to all your model intersts Patrick, absolutely fascinating, working my way through it and admire your skills. Have almost destroyed a rc helicopter trying to a master flying it so now have the Phoenix flight sim and getting there. Aircraft are easier but heli,s not so . Think I need to take up building them.
    Thanks for your site.

  2. Thanks Dennis 🙂 I’ve found flying helis in both Phoenix and Real Flight quite hard. Ultimately the best training I had was a Blade MSR – I spent hours with that one then transitioned to the Trex 450. I’m still a beginner with heli’s – taking it very slow as things can go wrong so quickly! The MSR is pretty tough which is good. I’m also practising with a Blade MPCX which feels a lot more like 450 to fly.

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