Red Arrows Hawk 35mm

35mm Red Arrows Hawk

The 35mm Hawk has been made ready to fly.  The electronic speed controller (esc) was upgraded from a 6amp 2s to a 10amp 3s.  The initial plan is to fly the model on 2s batteries but should the performance be underwhelming it will simply be a case of using a different battery.

Rather than trying to change the plugs & connect the motor on to the new esc it seemed easier just to remove the shrink tuning and re-solder all of the wires.  The receiver wires are quite small which made the work more difficult with a relatively large point on the soldering iron.  With a little patients all of the leads were move from one esc to the other.

The original esc was put back together with the wires from the new one ready for use in a future project.

Patrick suggested removing the Y cable from the ailerons and connecting one side to the rudder input (4) & use the transmitter to mix the aileron in.  This has saved some weight and made the installtion of the receiver easier as there is less cable to tidy away.

Final step was to program the transmitter & trim the model.  All of the linkage screws on the servo horns were given a little lock tight to make sure they don’t slip off from the vibrations.  With the individual aileron servos it was easy to fine tune the movement range on each side so they match perfectly.

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