F-86 Sabre 35mm

35mm F-86 Sabre progress

Made some progress today installing servo horns on the top side for the dual aileron conversion, also on the inside the elevator servo sticks down quite a bit so I’ve added some depron to smooth out the hard edges. Finally the elevator servo horn and linkage is very close to where the ESC power and signal comes into the canopy area so I’ve bundled them together with a bit of shrink tubing. This should avoid interference during flight.

Also test programmed some mixes to the turn the rudder channel on the orangerx into the second aileron. It took two mixes:

  1. Aile -> Rudd 100%
  2. Rudd -> Rudd -100%

The first one moves the rudder to 100% with the aileron stick turning it into a second aileron channel. Only issue is now the rudder stick still effects the freshly mixed aileron so the second mix cancels this out. With that the rudder has no effect. The big advantage of dual ailerons over a Y cable is each channel can be individually tweaked for optimum centre point and movement.

I’ll upload a DSX11 model file to download just as soon as the plane is ready and has had it’s maiden flight.


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