Spektrum telemetry adapter cables

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To make the Spektrum telemetry quick and easy to install and use on any of my models I have created a set of adapter cables. For the battery voltage the battery balance plug is used. I use JST connected as a universal standard for all of my batteries. Since the smaller models are usually 3S […]

Saab 105 / SK60

MBS Saab 105 fuselage building

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Made a lot of progress this afternoon on the Saab 105. The kit from MBS models is excellent everything slots together with such precision. The instructions are good and take you through each step in detail. I’ve gotten to a point now where I need to make sure the motors are balanced before they are […]

F-86 Sabre 35mm

35mm F-86 Sabre progress

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Made some progress today installing servo horns on the top side for the dual aileron conversion, also on the inside the elevator servo sticks down quite a bit so I’ve added some depron to smooth out the hard edges. Finally the elevator servo horn and linkage is very close to where the ESC power and […]

Blade MCPX

E-Flite Blade mCP X just a bit of hovering

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As I’m still relatively new to helicopters hovering is pretty much where I’m at with a bit of a moving around. The mCP X handles in a very similar manor to my Align T-Rex 450 Sport mean it give is a superb platform to practice without costly mistakes! [yt]www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU6NhM-CP6A[/yt]

Red Arrows Hawk 35mm

35mm Red Arrows Hawk

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The 35mm Hawk has been made ready to fly.  The electronic speed controller (esc) was upgraded from a 6amp 2s to a 10amp 3s.  The initial plan is to fly the model on 2s batteries but should the performance be underwhelming it will simply be a case of using a different battery. Rather than trying […]