3D Print Carrera Structo Jeep Renegade Tyres

Created these tyres for my Carrera Structo Jeep Renegade Tyres in 123D and test printed in polyflex on an Ultimaker 2+

This model is now 34 years old, as are the original tyres. As such they are cracking and have a flat spot.

Grab a copy here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1480981

This model still needs new differential gears before it is road worthy again, that’s a future project.

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Bumble Bee Quad progress

All of the the motors have been installed and connected. The motors were soldered rather than using connectors. This saves weight and reduces the risk of accidental disconnection. The esc’s are a little bigger than standard. They are held in with shrink tubing. The covers may be added later for appearances. The rest of the model has been test assembled to see how everything fits. Unfortunately the esc rx connections need to be lengthened a tiny bit to reach the control board. Everything else is looking good.





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Saab ducts

Had some trouble with the ducts – I couldn’t get them to follow the holes properly and then I had the plastic crack. To that end I took the ducts back out for take 2. Back ducts are looking Ok (not glued yet). Had to cut a bit different to allow for my outrunner power plants.



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3D printing – a future for our classic models?

Back in 2009 the gears in my Kyosho Spider EP were worn out – stones have a habit of getting stuck in the belts. Parts for this model are not easy to get a hold of anymore which left an interesting option to try – 3D printing. Downside is that I can take a bit of time to model the part you need. In this case some gears:




Also had some printed in metal:


Not sure the belts are quite up to that though. The ‘hard white’ plastic version is strong but may not last as well as the original.

Only problem now is I’ve got some other broken bits I’d need to model first before getting back on the road.

It’s certainly a good solution if you have time to model or the parts are already out there!

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